Our Company

DOT Express was created from the experience and working knowledge of the service provided by transport companies to their customers’ Reverse Logistics at the time.

Our domestic and international transport experience in courier, express (LCL) road freight, parcel express, airfreight, freight forwarding, warehousing, finance, IT and telecommunications has enabled us to create prompt and efficient solutions without having to learn at our customers expense.

Our second customer didn’t have much of a need for Reverse Logistics but needed help with their outbound freight.

So we reversed the Reverse Logistics model and presto ….

Our History


Sporn by the idea that the express freight market was lacking service and enthusiasm, we went to Industry associates who wanted to make a difference. 

We combined non-competing service suppliers Australia-wide as the foundation of our business.

This allowed us to add value without encroaching on shareholder capability and grow our respective businesses, enabling us to utilise a world of experience to solve the Express Freight puzzle


Established May 2011.  Started our first two customers who are still with us today


Customers started to request Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN’s) for delivery notification to their customers, so we added this to our suite of services along with SMS messaging.


Introduced web platform integration for B2B customers accepting orders via the internet. We linked our freight management system to split data and automated consignments. This reduced data input by warehouse staff


Vehicle acquisition commenced in a strategic move to control and enhance the support for our Agent network in capital city and major regional locations.


Supplied mobile phones and scanners to Drivers for immediate up to the minute SCV


Bought our first 10 pallet bulk truck.


Insurance offered on all consignments for customers, see exclusions.

Our Goals

Our goal is to add velocity, value and control wherever we can and minimise the cost for our customers outbound and return consignments, maximising the value of their product and staff productivity with successful service, working collaboratively...faster, cheaper, better”.

Working with our Shareholders and other like-minded businesses to support us, DOT Express certainly isn’t your normal transport business.

We don’t hide when it gets tough and we really do work with you to identify options to satisfy your customers’ delivery demands.

We are testament that not all transport companies are the same.

We are proud of our ability and capability, we don’t watch and wait, "we do" and we take accountability to get the job done.

"faster, cheaper, better"



Modern vans and bulk trucks.


Rates are fair and reasonable for the service provided.


Up-to-date logistics software, scanners and telecommunication.


We’ll review freight profiles on a regular basis and assist where possible.


Not if we can help it!


Our partners and territory service providers have grown over the years through hard work and persistence, developing their local independent branch and outer-regional Agent networks.

This combined strategic business alliance has produced exceptionally high service standards backed by solid market reputations, electronic event management capability and the desire for improvement.

With a fundamental appreciation of the requirement to deliver and return product as quickly and efficiently as possible, we maximise your assets, time, people and financial resource and solve the Express Freight Logistics puzzle.

We are testament that not all transport companies are the same.

We are proud of our ability and capability, we don’t watch and wait, we do, and we take accountability to get the job done.


DOT Express Transport

AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!! I will now call the customer to ensure it does not sit in the warehouse without being actioned! Thanks!!

August 2012: Operations Manager, bathroom product supplier

Transport and Freight

I just wanted to thank you for your consistently remarkable service!

I only ordered this morning and have just arrived home to a parcel on my doorstep. That’s truly brilliant …

August 2013: customer correspondence to one of our customers

Service, couriers,

Thanks Dot Express for the outstanding service. Your communication is fantastic, we can ring you direct no waiting hours on the phone. Our freight is delivered on time. When we need freight urgently to be shipped you are there for us.

I will continue to recommend DOT Express, the best advertising is by word. Thank you for making our customers happy. That’s why you guys are great.

November 2017: Logistics/Supply Chain Manager, electrical and optical connectivity solution products

express, freight,

We were one of DOT Express’s first customers in 2011. Our leap of faith was a good decision for our business and has worked out to be a strategically smart. Our phones hardly ring anymore with delivery enquiries. DOT’s customer service is fabulous, friendly, fast and efficient and we are always kept in the loop and they meet with staff weekly. I’d recommend DOT Express if you want the right price and great service.”

November 2017: General Manager ANZ industrial products