Information Technology

DOT Express has worked with its customers to develop a unique mobile application.

Along with our Shareholder fleet, we utilise this mobile application to provide us track and trace information in ‘real time’ as quick as a telephone call.

To fulfil our Company Goals and Objectives, DOT Express has a scalable IT philosophy in its business, engaging SaaS (Software as a Service).

We employ the services of one of the finest independent IT Bureau specialists with over 20 years’ experience developing some of the best software solutions within the Australian transport industry, keeping us up to date with the latest worldwide IT development and services.

This allows us to ‘stick to the knitting’ and focus on providing the best transport solutions and service for our customers.

IT Solution

The IT solutions we provide to customers are second to none and developments come at no cost to our customers, and we employ World’s best data management security and data storage facilities.

Our capability allows us to tailor IT solutions to the requirement at hand

  for multi sites and/or multi users

  or to

  minimise user input with

            web platform integration enhancements passing information to and from our freight management system

            ERP integration

  simply customising the data transfer API integration

Freight Management System

The freight management system we use is a live portal that allows immediate

  consignment cost estimation

  rate to service cost comparisons

  automated label/consignment printing

  third party collection compliance, automatically supplying labels, consignment notes and manifests

  return process compliance, creating outbound and return labels for replacement stock at the time of the originating despatch

  tailoring of freight management to improve speed of process

  importing debtor data base address files

  importing customised item/product dimension files

  real time track and trace

  multi carrier compatibity

  advanced shipping notices (ASN’s) to receivers via your choice of communication


You must be a customer to take advantage and use the suite of freight management features DOT Express provides. 

Able to couple between businesses with our own multi-directional data exchange, the secure IT platform communication with your customers makes us an intrinsic transport extension to your business.

And we can customise our data interchange portal to suit your needs.

We’ll make sure that we don’t interrupt your current work practices or input process so there will be no change to what you do now.

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