Money Matters

Have you ever wondered what the time lost in your business is really worth chasing transport enquiries?


  Are your phones ringing with delivery enquiries?

  How long does your Customer Service team wait on hold for answers with your carrier?

  Is your Customer Service team frustrated by the lack of communication when your transport carrier ‘goes to ground’ when you need their help and assistance?

  What do your customers really think about your Deliveries & Returns?

  When was the last time your transport carrier offered suggestions of how to ‘do it better’?

  When was the last time your carrier rolled up their sleeves and helped your warehouse staff prepare freight for collection or helped you make a linehaul connection?

  Is your transport service provider from yesterday the right carrier for your business today?

  Does your transport company freely share your data with you or does your Logistics Manager have to piece together data so you can plan for the future. Who owns your data, don’t you?

  Does your transport company charge you an account keeping fee, a weekly invoice fee, a data fee, a fee for making a mistake ……? Does it make you feel like you’re dealing with a bank? And all for the privilege of supplying them data so you can do all the work and track your own freight and check your own invoice for anomalies.

At DOT Express

We proactively look for transport related problems in our customers’ business every day. We offer to help and apply our logistics knowledge and capability to reduce our customers’ unaccounted for soft costs that impact their bottom line. And we do our best to maintain quantifiable hard cost rate savings.

Knowing our customers’ business, we challenge ourselves to look for ways to improve our delivery service on a daily basis, so the carrier we are today will be improved and meet the challenges of tomorrow!

Nothing changes if nothing changes, don’t be too shy to ask.

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