General information

DOT Express is committed to the principals of Equal Opportunity and making employment decisions based on merit and value.

We are committed to comply with all Federal and State Laws including laws related to terms and conditions of employment and Legislation providing Equal Employment Opportunities.


We shall not discriminate by making decisions based on age, sex, race, religion, colour, nationality, sexual preference, marital status or any other status whether protected by Australian Federal, State or Local Laws or not.

DOT Express values diversity and we are willing to employ men and women from all ethnic backgrounds and religions who are suitable to undertake the required task capably to our standard, without injury to their self or property.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Supporting this policy, we clearly communicate our disinterest in, or offence taken to, any perceived verbal or physical discrimination or harassment.

Employees at DOT Express are all responsible for upholding this Equal Employment Opportunity policy and commitment.